Thursday, August 9, 2012

Week 3

This week we got a new investigator. His name’s Mario. We were teaching him and when my companion and I had him read Joseph Smith’s first prayer (Jsh 1: 16-17) I really started feeling the spirit! That was pretty cool! On the 20th we had our first service day. We took out the trash. Not so bad after all: p

I really have a testimony for this gospel. I wouldn’t change being here for anything. Even on the hard days I’m able to learn something new that I should apply to myself to become more Christlike. I love how at even the most random times I can feel the spirit so strongly!

Week 2

First of all, I’m just going to emphasize that Missionary Companions are really inspired! Elder McKell has been teaching me some things. While on the other hand, I’m teaching (hopefully) teaching him some things. After each of our lessons we go on a “walk and talk” that’s where we can talk about either something that has been bothering us or talk about the lesson we just gave; what we did right/wrong and what we can improve for next time.

On the 13th, I was having a tough time with the language. My mind had turned off and stopped allowing me to pile in more information for a part of the day.  My faith towards the gift of tongues was wavering a little bit, but I got back on track after I reminded myself of a few things (Ether 12:6) First, it had only been one week! And I needed to be grateful for the large amount I have already learned. Second, I needed to remember that the language won’t come all at once. There will be some good days and some bad days, and that day just happened to be one of the bad ones. Third, which helped me the most, was to remember that Heavenly Father sent me here for a reason, which is for me to teach in Spanish. And He wouldn’t send me to Mexico City, of all places, if I wasn’t capable of learning the language.

After I thought of these things, my faith was restored, as was my happiness. I know that Heavenly Father has a reason for all things He does. And the reason for me being here at the MTC, is so that I may learn Spanish so that I may teach those people in Mexico, who have been searching for the truth & the gospel their whole life.

Week 1

My class room has a great view of the Provo Temple. My companion is from Eagle, Idaho and his name is Elder McKell; I know his cousin, which is pretty cool to have a connection right off the bat. I’m glad I was spiritually prepared enough to understand that there is no time to waste, especially in the MTC, because that’s where you’re supposed to learn everything before you’re thrown out into the real world.

Jakes Testimony in Spanish
yo se que dios es nuestro padre celestial. yo se que familias son eternos. yo se que el libro de mormon es verdadero. yo se que dios y jesucristo son amorosa. yo amor el espiritu santo. en el nombre de jesucristo, amen.

I know that God is our Heavenly Father; I know that families are eternal. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I know that God and Jesus Christ are loving. I love the Holy Spirit. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.