Monday, September 10, 2012

Jake's first letter from Mexico!

This last week had definitely been interesting. In a good way of course! There are too many things to write about, so I´ll write the best things pertaining to each topic.

Interesting: They only drink Coke in México, myth. They actually drink a load of things! I drank some type of fruit juice about every day. Usually mango. Earlier today I bought 3.5 liters of apple juice for only $14 or $15. Which reminds me, $12 pesos = $1 USD. I spent around $250 on groceries for the week. It was great.

Changing topic now. When all of the Elder`s and I got to Mexico we boarded a bus taxi. After being in it for about two minutes we got into a minor accident. Again, it was great. Just a got clipped by a car. Surprisingly I haven´t seen any accidents other than that! It really reminds me of Harry Potter when these buses here squeeze through such tight places.

I made a new friend, his name´s Max the caterpillar.

Spiritual: While my companion and I were knocking doors we found a girl who has been waiting to be baptized, but was kind of forgotten, She´s 20 years old and has been married for 6 years. Yep, at the age of 14. Anyways, I was given the pleasure to baptize her, but it didn´t work out—any of it. Because she had never told her husband about her choice and is nervous about telling him. It was a bit frustrating since we spend 3 hours of the day getting the baptismal font filled, people called and talked with her. But anywho, we will see! Hopefully this week!

My mission president told us that each ward deserves at least one new member a week. The bar is set pretty high, but I believe we can do it! It´s so cool to see how fast the light of Christ can enter into somebody. Just from the time they open the door to the time they close it it´s amazing to see the light of Christ in their eyes. Sad (Triste): It´s always sad to see people have the light of Christ in their eyes and you feel that they know it´s true, and then they deny the truth and ask you to leave.

Yesterday my companion and I walked a good distance to some houses. We were able to go into a house and the people were listening to my companion as he taught (I`ve been working on understanding what is being said, which is coming along great!), well anyways, their family member was sick and they had been trying to get a doctor over to help them, but no doctor was coming. They were happy we were there. We started by singing, “Nearer my God to thee” and were going to give the sick person a blessing, but some guy from the family came inside and kicked us out in the middle of the song. It was sad because he had felt the spirit and was afraid and didn´t like the joyous feeling. Strange, but oh well, we plan on going back over there tomorrow, when the guy´s not there.

I don´t have much time to add all of my pictures, so I´ll just add two. I have a testimony, don´t worry! I just don´t have time to share it today, stay tuned until next week folks!

Sierra Vertientes 310
Col. Lomas de Chapultepec
Del. Miguel Hidalgo
Districto Federal, Mèxico C.P. 11010

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